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60 Minutes Nigeria: Need To Strengthen Democratic Leadership In Nigeria In Focus

The need to strengthen democratic leadership was the subject of discourse on the programme, 60 minutes Nigeria.

Efosa Uwangue reports that the discussants also examined how the nation’s democracy can be improved upon

The discussants Tim obamedo woghihen, Peter Eson and Comrade Godwin Erhahon said there is need for the Democratic leadership of Nigeria to be strengthen If Nigeria in few years’ time can be said to have achieved it’s full potentials.
Tim obamedo woghihen and Peter Eson added that though Nigeria dose not belong to the foremost Democratic leadership nations in the world but can only get there if the country respects the rule of law, fight corruption and stop the ideal of zoning for elected political offices

Comrade Godwin Erhahon on his part though disagreed with the abolition of zoning system for political office in the country said the reason while Nigeria’s democracy is not growing is due to the selfish interest of politicians who amass the common wealth of the people for themselves.

Other issues that dominated the discuss of the day was was who is to sign the 2017 appropriation bill and how the nation will be out of it’s current economic  recession.



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