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Helsinki Commission in Europe condemns persecution of Jehovah’s witnesses in Russia

The pending legal action against members of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia filed by the Russian Ministry of Justice to liquidate the National Headquarters and three hundred and ninety-five chapters of local religious organization of Jehuvah’s Witnesses has been condemned by Helsinki, which is commission of Security and Cooperation in Europe with fifty-seven participating states in Europe including Russia.

The Russian Government is requesting the Supreme Court to effectively ban Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia from worshipping, claiming that they are members of extremist organization.
Reacting to this move by the Russian Government, Helsinki Commission Chairman, Senator Rogar Wicker, Co-Chairman, Chris Smith and Commissioner, Representatives Richard Hudson said it is wrong to apply flawed counter-terrorism laws to those who seek to practice their faith, maintaining that religious affiliation should never be a justification for persecution.

While urging the Russian Government to immediately drop the case, he said one hundred and seventy-five Jehovah’s Witnesses will face criminal prosecution for practicing their faith.
Meanwhile, the governing body of Jehovah’s Witnesses says prosecuting non-violent, law abiding citizens as if they are terrorists is clearly a misapplication of the anti-extremist laws, as such prosecution is completely based on false grounds.

The statement added that reading the Bible, singing and praying with fellow worshippers is clearly not criminal as claimed by the Russia Government.

The statements concludes by calling on all the over eight million Jehovah’s Witnesses to join in the global letter-writing campaign to motivate government officials to end the prosecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses in other countries including Jordan, Korea and Malawi.



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  1. The truth is bitter , even when Jesus came to the world they dint believed him, he was accused of several things he did not know nothing off. Humans is always known as choosing the wrong way of life, Jesus said they will persecute those who are his followers, so how will that scriptures get fulled if the government did not raise their authority to challenge God;s supremacy?. let the Russian Authority inquire from Phereoh of Egypt, Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon,Ceazer of Rome, Belshelzer of Persia, Adolf Hit tiller of Germany and so on how Jehovah dealt with them that want to taunt his people and touch his eye balls. Let wait and see the salvation of JEHOVAH in behalves of hie people. Yes To Jah It Belong

  2. To everyone that disagree with JW based on misinformed opinions:
    Jesus and his followers from the first century we’re falsely accused, hated, banned and some killed.
    Read Acts 5:38, 39 and meditate on it. Now if you have a religion make a deep comparison with the Greek Scriptures and content and see if u can say what the apostle Paul said in Acts 5 with your head up.

  3. Timothy Johnson, Thanks to Jehovah that there are still ppl out there like your self that are positive and have common sense!! We appreciate that you see the positive and not the negative of JW’s.

  4. The Best Way to know, learn, and understand what Jehovahs Witnesses Teach, Practice, and Believe, would be to ask one yourself, or simply navigate to their website and click on the “Bible Teachings” Tab or the “About us” and “Frequently asked questions”.
    In the age of information, it makes absolutely no sense to sit around and argue with one another over propaganda, speculations and false allegations. Spreading Hate and lies through hurt feelings and misunderstandings only lessens your own credibility. Do better.

  5. Hi
    Im glad they are the Russian authorirties are taking this action against the Watchower religon. Im glad because Watchtower is a false cult with many secrets hidden in its cupboard which need to be exposed. Id like to refer you to a website called
    Watchtower brigade have twisted the scriptures of Gods word and even brought out their own corrupted version of the bible to make things fit with regards to what they teach. They have a history of making prophecies that never came to pass date setting and covering/ changing things around. They also have a history of paedophillia and destroy evidence when their leadership should of acted like law abiding citizens and reported it. Please go to the internet and look up the case of Canace Conti as just one example.
    Watchtower brigade are liars and are promoting a false gospel NOT the gospel of our Lord Jesus at al.l

  6. When they banned the jews i,said im not a jew so who cares. Then they banned the trade unionist. Im not a trade unionist who cares. Then they banned the catholics. I said im not a catholic who cares.

    Soon only atheist will have free speech

  7. Nothing wrong with reading bible and praying. But Jehovah’s Witnesses are lying when they say THAT is the reason for their pending ban. What IS wrong is telling parents to shun their children and not even look for an excuse to email them if their parent leaves the religion, (Anybody who leaves the religion, all family, friends, members are required to shun them the rest of their life unless they return to the religion), they break up families. Jehovah’s Witnesses want freedom of religion, but they don’t allow that same freedom to their own members. They blackmail them. WHen they are indoctrinated, they cut all ties with non members. Stop associating with friends and family who are not members because they are “bad association” and “worldly”. Then if one is born in the religion or have all their family in it, and later disagree with the religion, they either stay silent and remain a member for life, or if they show any opposition or leave it, then everybody shuns them.

    They also teach not to get higher education or plan for retirement because the end of hte world is so close. They’ve been teaching that since the early 1900’s. Those who didn’t expect to live to an old age are in dire poverty and get no help from the religion either, they are on their own and told to use government sources or the very family who they shun. (It’s acceptable to contact family they shun for financial help and emergencies, but they can’t associate, talk about anything in general, or even have a meal with them, just take money and go).

    • no i once banned and i still talked to my family and we do not force any one to do anything they have freedom of choice Jehovah could of made us like robots but he made us human so he gave us a freedom of choice

    • John,

      Sure you are not Russian also? Your comments are as errant as the misguided application of extremist laws to Jehovah’s Witnesses. You are also more keenly informed than the Helsinki Commission, correct?

      The proposed ban is based upon false information, just as your comment is when you suggest the proposed ban’s premise has anything to do with disfellowshipping. Perhaps you should read the language before the Court.

      Additionally, all orthodox churches, including the Russian Orthodox Church, include written tenants for excommunication (disfellowshipping). Your comment suggests that it is OK with you if the ROC does but not the Witnesses. Yours is the very type scary injustice that endangers society where ignorant of the slippery slope you define “justice” as that which suit your whims.

      • I think John disfellowshiped many who are blame The J.Ws for their mistake.But many came to Jehovah when the troubles of leaving him.Many young ones including myself that leave Jehovah return of our own free will.I cannot how stupid I was leaving him.20 yrs of misery.I have been back 26yrs.and this time Im not going anywhere. John in this world today are people really happy Wars that you want to defend,drugs sickness that the scriptures say will soon be no more and death wil be no more Rev.21:1-4. John please dont bitter or negative.instead look what the J.Ws teach from Bible.and compare it to other beliefs. And what you know is many many young and old ones are returning to Jehovah. Why because they that he the true God.

    • John Smith, all you said makes no sence at all. Jehovah’s Witnesses base all their doctrine on the Bible. The Bible say that “if you have dealings with the stupid one, you will fair badly!” John, would you play with live naked wires of electricity without any problem? Would you be a friend to a person who is rebellious?
      For your own information Jehovah’s Witness always say and do things that are recorded in the Bible, they never force their ideas on people. Also as you know, every company got rules so when joining the JW organization you need to know it regulations. If you breabyk them then suffer the penalty
      Just find out the truth from them if you feel ashamed then just visit their website the world’s most translated website. Thank You.

    • If you play soccer you should to follow the rules.
      If you do a fault you gonna get red card.
      If you agree to follow the rules you can come back and play again next time.

      This is Kindergarden

    • Get a life John you are a loser!

    • John Smith

      “They’ve been teaching that since the early 1900’s”.

      You are absolutely misinformed. Jesus started teaching all these things in 30 C.E and all the other prophets earlier than him. It’s all properly documented in the Scripture. Wait and see when the United Nations begin to eradicate all religions that interfere with politics.

    • You know nothing about Jw. Stop this injustice and clearly define your opinion, but before stating your opinion make sure you study the bible very well after which log into compare it, then can you let us know your opinion. But don’t forget we all have freedom of religion. I pray may JEHOVAH visite you with right Wisdom to draw your conclusion.

    • John, you have absolutely NO idea what you’re talking about. Seriously, where did you get your information. MOST of what you said is a made up LIE (people told not to plan for retirement??? Haha. Wow) and the rest is not even ATTEMPTED to be explained. You gotta get with it, man. Seriously.

    • You think they will what to talk to you now, if their banned, given what you wrote?

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