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Taliban fight: US may send 3,000 more troops to Afghanistan

United States military officials and the state department are recommending sending at least three thousand more troops to Afghanistan to fight the Taliban.

Military leaders would also regain the authority to target Taliban leaders with air strikes under the proposals but President Donald Trump has not approved the plan.

US combat operations against the Taliban officially ended in 2014, but Special Forces have continued to provide support to Afghan troops.

In February, the commander of US troops in Afghanistan, Gen John Nicholson told a Senate committee there was a shortfall military fighter.

Last month, the Taliban announced the start of their spring offensive a week after killing at least one hundred and thirty five soldiers in a military compound.

The group said it would use military alongside political tactics and that its main target would be foreign forces.

Taliban militants also this week seized a district in northern Afghanistan in their ongoing attempts to take the whole city of Kunduz forcing thousands of families to leave their homes.

The previous US President, Barack Obama, set deadlines for cutting the numbers of US soldiers in the country and removed the Pentagon’s authority to directly target Taliban leadership.

However, he was forced to abandon the troop reduction target.



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