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Binis Perform Igue-Edohia, Prays For God And Ancestral Blessings

As part of activities lined up for the 2017 Ugie, the Binins yesterday performed the Igue-Edohia rites in line with the customs and traditions of Benin Land.

Aigboje Ikhuoria, who monitored the ceremony reports that it was greeted with joy and happiness.

Traditional Benin songs rent the air at every Benin home visited as sons and daughters of the kingdom sing and dance to celebrate the Igue-Edohia Festival.

Traditional rites performed by members of each family as members of the families gathered to eat and drink together to pray to God and their ancestors after which they kill a life animal which is usually a goat.

Commenting on the significance of the Igue-Edohia Festival chiefs, elders and some sons of the kingdom said the festival is an age long festival which is use to thank God and the ancestors for their blessings and protections in the out going year and for the coming year.

The Benins also use the day to pray for the successful reign of the Oba of Benin and peace for the year 2018

The Igue festival is usually kick started with igue-Oba which is performed by the Oba of Benin, followed by Igue-Ivbioba, which is performed by the Oba’s families and climax with Igue-Edohia which is performed by the Benins both home and abroad.



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