Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Court Declares Abuja Park And Pay Policy Illegal

Federal Capital High Court 25 on Thursday declared, Abuja “park and pay” agency illegal, saying it has no laws backing its operation.
The court ruled that the law the operators of the policy used was not enacted by any arm of government and therefore cannot be of any effect.
The law was unilaterally drafted by the contracted firms which the Federal Capital Territory Administration, FCTA, registered in 2012.
The four companies – Automaten Technik Haumann Nigeria, ATB; Safe Parking Limited, SPL; Integrated Parking Services Limited, IPS; and Platinum Parking Management Services, PPMS – were each assigned different areas of Abuja where the companies would enforce parking laws and punish erring drivers.
Under the policy, motorists who desire to park at designated locations are made to pay certain amount of money ranging from n50 to n500.
Meanwhile the brain behind the project and FCTA secretary for transportation, Mr Jonathan Ivoke says, the FCT Administration would study the verdict before making its position public
He however did not state how long it would take them to study the verdict


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