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Donald Trump implements travel ban on Nigeria, other countries

President Donald Trump has imposed a new travel ban restricting immigration from Nigeria and five other countries in an expansion of his administration’s policy blocking travel from certain nations.

In line with the new policy, citizens from Nigeria, Eritrea, Myanmar and Kyrgyzstan won’t be allowed to apply for visas to immigrate to the U.S.

According to the US government, the policy was designed to tighten security for countries that do not comply with the U.S. minimum security standards or cooperate to prevent illegal immigration.

The Wall Street Journal reports that in line with the policy, two other countries, Sudan and Tanzania, will be barred from participating in the diversity visa lottery, which randomly awards green cards to fifty thousand immigrants from under represented countries annually.

According to US officials, the new restrictions are to take effect on February twenty-one and will apply only to new visa applications, adding that immigrants who were issued valid visas before that date will still be able to move to the U.S.



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