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Ekpoma residents suspend protest after truce with BEDC

The continuous protest by residents in Ekpoma under the aegis of Concerned Ekpoma Eminent Stakeholders Forum over epileptic power supply by BEDC has been suspended following an intervention by some eminent personalities.

Edo central Bureau Chief, Fedinard Osakue reports that the suspension of protest was based on the agreement reached by BEDC and the concerned Ekpoma Eminent stakeholders.

Leader of the concerned Ekpoma Eminent Stakeholders forum Tunde Obansanmi and the representatives of the BEDC, Engineer Charles Apor after signing the agreement that is expected to be of mutual benefit to both parties.

For two weeks, Concerned Ekpoma Eminent Stakeholder Forum called out series of protests round major streets of Ekpoma and BEDC office agitating for BEDC to stop estimated billings, reckless increase in electricity tariffs, harassment of consumers with security personnel and request for pre-paid meters among others.

However, to foretell breakdown of law and order, some personalities in Edo Central including DPO, Ekpoma, Rufus Odediran, DSS, Ekpoma, Cyril Okpere 311B Ekpoma, Patrick Izibitti, HOS, Esan West, Mr Imomilche, House of Rep member, Joe Edronwede alongside representative of Onogie of Ekpoma met with BEDC to find a lasting solution to the lingering crises.

It was agreed that hence forth the protest should be suspended, BEDC should restore electricity supply to Ekpoma and its environs, houses, shops, hotels, including banks without meters should pay the sum of  two thousand naira only, staff of BEDC should be guaranted safety when they are coming to do their jobs.

Some of the participants who commented on the development described it as healthy.

The residents are hopeful that these development will bring a healthy client and customer relationship between BEDC and the people of Ekpoma.



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