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Embattled Lawan asks for more time

Suspended Chairman of the House of Representatives ad hoc committee on fuel subsidy regime,  has pleaded for more time with the police to return the money, allegedly collected from oil mogul, Femi Otedola.

The continuous plea by Mr. Lawan makes it unclear when to expect refund of the scandalous $620,000 bribe.

Police sources disclosed to newsmen in Abuja, on 27th June, that while Lawan has continued to plead for more time with the police to return the money, he is working assiduously assembling a team of lawyers to take-on the police on the matter.

The source sat the embattled erstwhile Chairman, House Committee on Education is likely to drag the police to court, to challenge his arrest and continued reporting to them every two days.

Reporting to the police every 48 hours is one of the conditions given to him for his bail, which he has been honouring accordingly.

Mr. Lawan was at the Force Headquarters on Wednesday to meet with the detectives and spent couple of minutes, where it was learnt that Lawan pleaded to be given more time to return the money.

According to the police source, while Lawan is pleading for more time, the police was considering the option but also weighing the possibility of charging him to court, since recovering the scandalous money from Lawan has become a bit cumbersome.




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