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Fracas on Hallow Chambers under focus

Although the bloody clash at the Rivers State House of Assembly has come and gone, the memory still lingers on.

In this report, Efosa Uwangue x-rays similar situations in some other State Houses of Assembly and House of Representatives and dwells on the issues involved.

It will be recalled that there was uproar on February 23, 2010 at the Edo State House of Assembly in an attempt to impeach the then Speaker, Barrister Zakawaru Garuba.

The scenario repeated itself at the House of Representatives in the same year but this time in June.

Most recent was the free for all at the Rivers State House of Assembly by two camp engaged in a bid to impeach the Speaker.

However, all the cases have one similarity or the other as the key actors engage in violence to achieve their aim.

Against this background, some respondents in Benin have been adducing reasons why the Legislators both in states and National Assembly sometimes engage in such a show of shame in their quest to claim superiority over the other.

The respondents who said apart from selfish reasons which are borne out of pride, the selection process of who becomes the representative is also a determining factor.

They said not until the process of electing those that will represent the people is streamlined and fashioned in transparency, such legislative abuse will continue in the country.

Investigations by the newscrew revealed that apart from Edo State, House of Representatives, Rivers State, similar scenario has also been witness in Ogun and Ondo States among others.



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