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Group urges Muslims’ active participation in constitution amendment

The Muslim Congress (TMC) on Sunday in Lagos implored Nigerian Muslims to participate actively in the ongoing process of the

Imam Luqman AbdurRahman, the President of the Congress gave the advice at the Annual Muharram Get-Together (AMG) held at the Main Arena of the Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS), Onikan, Lagos.

“Muslims must go out in large number to discharge their civic responsibility toward evolving good governance in the country.

“We must not be apolitical or exhibit a sit down and look attitude. A sustained carefree attitude cannot help a marginalised group.

“What is desirable is constructive engagement, active contribution and positive participation in charting a course for our dear nation,” he said.

He also called on the National Assembly to include in the amended constitution, the recognition of a plural legal and economic system.

The TMC president pointed out that Nigerian Muslims desired Islamic courts side-by-side with civil courts and Islamic financial institutions like banks, insurance and capital market.

He said that the Nigerian Muslims desired formal recognition of Arabic as a compulsory subject for all Muslim students.

 “We are peacefully and passionately making these requests because of the socio-economic and spiritual benefits Nigeria as a country stands to gain from it,’’ he said.

He, therefore, appealed to the Federal Government to passionately and favourably consider these requests.

On fight against corruption, the congress appealed to the Federal Government to intensify the efforts in this direction.

He particularly urged the government to read, digest and implement the reports of the Petroleum Revenue Special Taskforce, headed by Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, and other reports against corruption.

“If the recommendations of the taskforce are not implemented, it will discredit the government’s efforts at fighting corruption.

“We, therefore, advise President Goodluck Jonathan to tackle the oil sector corruption.

“In advanced democracies, committees are set up to unveil socio-economic challenges and proffer solutions, which the executive arm of the government passionately implements carrying along other arms of government and the citizens.

“The reverse is the case in Nigeria,” he also said.

At the International arena, the TMC advised President Barak Obama of the U.S. to see his re-election as a rare opportunity to promote global peace and heal the wounds of the stateless Palestinians.

He said that this would engender friendly foreign policy with Muslim nations.

“We salute the courage of the Egyptian President, Mohammed Morsi and the Arab League’s renewed foreign policy viewing Israel as an aggressor and a terror-monger,” the congress president said”.



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