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How to identify a true Christian – Clerics

It is a common sight to find some Christian worship centers on Sundays packed full with worshippers.

The question agitating the mind of some people is how to identify a true Christian.

Wellington Akodeja, who sampled the opinion of some Christians and clerics reports that the respondents were forthcoming on the traits of a true Christian.

It is on record that Christian attend churches for various reasons known to them. Some Christian worshippers who spoke on how to identify a true Christian said a true Christian can be singled out based on his or her devotion to the service of God, attitude, forsaking sinful acts, extending hand of fellowship to the needy among others.

On their part some clerics said a true Christian must be the footsteps of Christ by living a Godly life worthy of emulation.

It is the belief of respondents that a true Christian must live a Christ life which could stand him or her out as a devout Christian.



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