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Libya Returnees In Benin Starts New Life

Some Edo State indigenes who were recently repatriated from Libya said they have started to find their place in the society after spending some part of their lives trying to travel to Europe through land. 

The returnees who recounted their experience said life is more better for them compared to the horrible experience in Libya, the Mediterranean and the Sahara desert.

To These returnees going to Libya through land and crossing the Mediterranean to Europe was the best life could offer to them but now discovered that they can be great men and women in their country if they work hard, despite the number of years they have spent in Libya

According to some of them going to Libya was one of the biggest mistakes they have made now that they learnt some skills and have started to engage themselves in one form of activities or the other

The returnees who narrated their experience advised Nigerians to travel to Libya any more as the route is dangerous and deadly and sued for government assistance to make life meaningful for them

Commenting on state government plans to rehabilitate and reintegrate the returnees back into the society secretary Edo State task force against human trafficking Abieyuwa Orumwense said government has done several trainings for the returnees to help them acquire skills and have also started the payment of monthly stipends to the returnees

The over a thousand Libya returnees now in Edo State can be a be a source of man power to better the economy of the state if properly managed.

Reported by Aigboje Ikhuoria



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