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  1. I think this station ITV, brought me closer home especially being away from Nigeria for almost twenty years. and having the thirst of current situation back home. it was very informative during the election and the oba’s coronation. thank you very much ITV.

  2. Thanks itv, I fill am at home when watching my people during our Edo festival, thanks sir, chief Esama of benin Kingdom may you live long. Watching from Dublin Rep, Ireland

  3. watching Itv Benin live on my laptop in Barcelona, really Itv is the best. love you guys, the innogurations was great, all thanks to you guys..

  4. I never knew that itv benin is online live and direct until today 20th of October 2016 when i was trying to watch the innoguration ceremony of our new Oba of benin , i try ebs benin no way , i said let me try itv benin and i was so shock to see the event brocasting live on itv benin , thanks to all those that make this great work come through, more Grace to your efforts and make sure this continue.

  5. Am watching from Abu Dhabi, good work by ITV certainly the best

  6. Thanks for making it possible. But goes off air

  7. from italy thank you ITV

  8. I am happy to watch live news here in Hannover Germany from ITV………May the God almighty continues to bless you for the good work in Jesus might name Amen, ITV, certainly you are the best.


  10. Joseph Nosa Asemota

    This is great. I feel at home watching ITV live here in Abu Dhabi. Please keep up the wonderful job going. Love you guys.


    Nice to itv benin truely the best i can now listen to news in edo state from malaysia

  12. Wow this is very cool for us here in Dubai. we can now watch itv live from here.we are watching it here without any complain and we say you guys should keep on the good work because with you guys we are always current on what is happening back home.

  13. Prince Monday Efionayi

    Nice watching ITV Live from Spain

    • Paul Omasy Omamegbe

      So good watching ITV here in Milan. Favorably dispose to programs that are entertaining. Keep it up.

  14. Pls is itv benin still on satellite? if yes where can we get it and it frequency.. but it really bad oooo we can no longer receive Itv again in auchi ooooo

  15. Please it should improve on their signal,even within edo here we can not receive it place like Auchi don’t receive it. please we know you give the best information to public, improve on your signal. Thanks for the ESAMA OF THE UNIVERSE.

  16. Its was great this morning to see the SON representative speaking my mind on imported goods…..all frozen food is contaminated and cheap product are all sub-standard, We Nigerians prefer cheap product without taking into consideration the health implication…..most of us run at loss when satisfying our conscience to import standard goods as its been price equal to the contaminated ones….80%percent of red win in the market contain mainly sugar, alcohol and coloring which is hazard to out health. Price of standard red wine range from 1100 naira/bottle for retail, anything short of this is fraud and poison. alcohol percentage range between 11%- 13%.

  17. i seen that be 4

  18. Is really great I lik it

  19. ITV you are good, im feeling at home now watching my news and this morning on ITV i love you keep it up by not going offline all the time, also try to let us contribute, we that is leaving aboard on any discussing on this morning on ITV.

  20. why its that you people in itv benin Always go offline????????????

  21. I like to join.

  22. Dobson Edos Osahon

    Watching the ITV News in any part i tranvel to in the world i fell i am at Home. cos off i tranver alot. Great of u the ESAMA OF BENIN. May u live long. Once again GRACIAS, GRACIAS Y GRACIAS. THANKS,THANKS and THANKS.

  23. Technology & development is in Nigeria and still the country is a mess youth who are pillars of the country are all gone why Nigeria!!!!
    God bless ITV am a washing live from Italy nice work esama may you live long

  24. Wool up nija men am feeling good I don’t miss home tanx to ITV

  25. its a nice development. i like it so much. GOD BLESS ITV

  26. its a nice development. i like it so much.

  27. I missed my late friend Richard Osakwe who was itv newscaster

  28. I can now watch itv from Stockholm Sweden

  29. what is the title of Today late night movie

  30. what is the title of Today 11october 2015 late night movie

  31. don’t worry, they are working on it, please I would love 2 come to Germany, buh don’t knw a way yet please

  32. I like ITV online, we ar strongly in support of Rev I.O Chiejina to live d A.G.C Ugbowo Branch, he as failed we d Members of d church

  33. Pls i can’t watch it in Germany I don’t know why



  36. Thanks for bringing back the TV online. Pls try to get the radio online too. I love to listen to man around town anytime I’m in Nigeria. Pls Pls Pls pls….

  37. Nice one… U are certainly the best. I can now watch Edo news from Spain.

  38. This is superb. I’m happy to see that the live streaming is back on. Thank you Esama. Thamk you ITV. We are watching from Italy.

  39. Farouk Ilu Dambazau

    very very nice.

  40. e nor dey work

  41. Mr. Igie (Toronto,Canada Base)

    Thank you very much The Esama of the Benin Kingdom for the live Tv you implements,Please advise your managers to improve to high definition cameras to improve the views.The views of the tv is blurring. We that lives in the western world are use to high technology definition. However,it is a good start. Thank you my high ranking chief.

  42. ESAMA….!!! EDO… YA UGHA TO UKPERE . This streaming is down, please get your Itv technical crew to get this sorted as soon as possible we cherrish your good works for the people of Edo home and Abroad. More greas to your elbow. ISEDE FROM LONDON.


  44. Why is itv offline here? i can not watch pls help ooooooo

  45. It’s great people across the world can also watch itv….Cuddo to the esama of the world👍

  46. ESAMA you too much. i can now watch it from darka island good work.

  47. i can now watch from darka island. is fine good work from ITV BENIN

  48. i can’t watch it here in India

  49. i can’t watch it here is India

  50. It is good I like Itv for that because I can follow up with latest news .

  51. Christopher Oseghale

    The ITV livestream has stopped working for awhile.
    If financial constrain is the issue, ITV should source funds from her dedicated viewers. I am sure people will be willing to support financially to restore the livestream. Zo long the funds are used judiciously. Because we are missing out on what is happening in Edo state.

  52. please try and fix this up cause i love watching my state from afar…pls do something about it.Yung frm SA.

  53. itv we cant watch the stream in europe…again, try fix it.

  54. Please i can not view this station live from canada. please kindly do something about it asap.Thanks.

  55. Hi, i really used to enjoy watching ITV station when i was in Benin, Nigeria but i have being trying to watch from Canada and it is not connecting. Please kindly do something about asap it because i really miss watching this Station. Thanks.

  56. the server stop working oooooooooooo, itv repare it fast.

  57. Your bless sir….

  58. Am like seriously happy for dis, view livee new on air is a very Good Ideal

  59. It a good thing that we watch itv around the world but everybody want them to put it in order and you all forget that Rome was not built in a day .
    It will take time before every thing will be so perfect like other western world.

    • Are you kidding me? that the first private station in Nigeria cannot stream? Lets call a spade a spade. No one is condemning ITV, we all want the best and so far, all the comments have been constructive and reasonable. Please don’t encourage mediocrity. ITV, please put your stream in order before coming on air again…we are really tired of the ON & OFF coupled with annoying ads popping up every now and then!

  60. Eguagie Ekhaguosa

    It is very commendable that ITV is going universal with the online tranmission, but the incident of “off line” is just too frequent. Something should be done to correct the urgly situation because anything worth doing is worth doing well. I watch it from Spain,

  61. This is commendable. However, you need to improve on the signal so that your viewers can enjoy the full benefits of the landmark achievement.

    Iyobor is in Benin

  62. This is commendable for ITV to be accesable here in Russia but the picture quality is to low it needs alot of adjustment

  63. nice and great

  64. this may be wonderful

  65. if i can watch itv news here i will be greatful

  66. Thanks to the great ESAMA of the univers ….I can now watch I T V live news. From Bremen in Germany

  67. owaeghianye Ab jackson

    We the Edo people all over the world can help to improve the itv Benin,

  68. owaeghianye Ab jackson

    We the Edo people all over the world can help to improve the itv Benin, esama has tried, Ab Jackson live from Pescara Italy

  69. I am happy to watch live news here in Austria from ITV benin,please keep the flag flying ITV, certainly you are the best.

  70. ITV, Improve on this please! the move is quite commendable. In this advanced age, some of those adverts can be refined/repackaged to to a large extent. Obviously is station is making an appreciable progress.Watching from holland

  71. This is so annoying. All the time I get; this content is currently not online. Why can’t Nigeria do something nice and best for the people??? I really want to see nigeria news but its so frustrating. Please try and do something about it best regard from sugar in Norway

  72. It’s kind of frustrating. Try and improve so we will know what is happening in Benin city. Trying to see today news but it’s not working

  73. good and nice.

  74. ITV, Improve on this please! the move is quite commendable. In this advanced age, some of those adverts can be refined/repackaged to to a large extent. Obviously is station is making an appreciable progress.Watching from Singapore.

  75. pls improve on this TV very poor from london tell ESAMA PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  76. The great esama has done it again. We thank you so much for bringing itv online. we can now watch from france. Thanks for your great innovations to elevate the face of edo state worldwide.

  77. THANK YOU great Esama of benin I can now watch ITV BENIN from BIELLA ITALY pls tell them i feel it could be improve, the advertisement is frustrating just when you decide to watch and listen to something important the advertisement pops up will come up thanks you Esama God bless you

  78. I can now watch from the states, while this feet is highly commendable i feel it could be improve, the advertisement is frustrating just when you decide to watch and listen to something important the advertisement pops up, even in the middle of an ongoing program. I believe a Commercial TV station the status of ITV can afford to upgrade to the highest available pro streaming service from ustream or even better transmission facilities. what you are currently using now is for amateurs and kids. please spend some money and improve and bring this to the knowledge of our highly esteemed Esama of benin because his a man who strives for the best. thanks and God bless.

    • I could not agree better…absolutely true! The picture quality is so low. “Anything worth doing is worth doing well”

  79. Thank you the great Esama of our time

  80. Good work ITV,,,I can now watch from Asia live….


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