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Motorists Re-Echo Appeal For Urgent Repair Of Benin By-Pass

Motorists and other road users plying the Benin By-pass by Ahor community in Uhunmwonde Local Government Area have again appealed to relevant government agencies for the rehabilitation of the road. 

Patience Osarogiuwa reports that heavy duty trucks have turned the bad spots to a garage.

Motorists having hectic time wading through the bad spots and ditches to the other side of the lane there by driving against traffic.

The road is becoming more narrow on a daily basis owing to the worsening condition of the road, despite the fact that it has not rained for a long time.

Fallen down heavy duty  vehicles filled with products were visible on the road, just as heavy duty trucks parked along the road.

As a result of the bad state of the Benin by-pass drivers of heavy duty trucks have taking their destiny in their hand by resorting to using Benin City as a link to other parts of the country.

Some road users in the community expressed sadness over the detorriating condition of road and adding that hoodlums are now capitalising on the spots to commit crimes in the area.

They appealed to the relevant organs of governments to give priority to the road before the yuletide.

The controller federal ministry of work engineer Oke Owhe who spoke off camera said the State of road had been written and shots taking to the headquarters who has in turned promised to fix the road as part of efforts to make roads motorable during the yuletide.

Judging from the comments of the Edo State controller federal ministry of works only time can tell if the road would be done as promised by the federal government or match words with action.



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