Thursday, January 23, 2020
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Nigerians joins the rest of the world to mark World Car Free Day

Today is world car free day, a day set aside to encourage car owners to give up their cars for a day in order to promote improvement in mass transit, cycling and walking.

But the question is, are Nigerians aware of the significance of the day?.

We took our cameras to the streets and responses we got will thrill you as Best Orator brings us details.

However here in Edo state the day went un-noticed as most persons said they were not aware of the day as there were frantic of private and commercial vehicles like every normal day.

According to them it would be proper for Nigeria to key into the day so as to enable the highly placed in the society to feel the pulse and hardship that the less privileged persons in the society face on daily basis in getting out of their houses and coming back in order tom make ends means.

Whether Nigeria observe world car free day or not the importance of physical exercise through trekking on some occasion cannot be over-emphasized as medical experts have over the years canvassed for regular exercise.

In 1997 the first national campaign was inaugurated by the environmental transport association were citizens gave away their cars and embarked on journey on foot as a way of keeping fit.



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