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Oke Oroma inhabitants cry out over alleged attack by Amagba community

Inhabitants of Oke Oroma village in Ikpoba Okha Local Government Area, Edo State have cried out over alleged invasion by people of Amagba community in Oredo Local Government Area of their village who claiming that Oke Oroma Village belong to Amagba Community.

Wellington Akodeja reports that victims who sustained gun shot, injuries are receiving treatment in the hospital.



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  1. Truly them say the truth is bitter, if the government of Edo state truly have the people of Oke oroma community at heart, this matter will have ended since 2012, after all those lives and properties that were lost that time in Oke oroma community, and some been chased away by this amagba people, because they never thought oke oroma people we win the land boundary case in the Oba palace of Benin, One thing i know about this Amagba people, is that, they do not value lives of others and two they do not forget matters, because some of Oke oroma people that was on the run for the safety of their lives, when Amagba people was after them in 2012, when some came back home in 2018, this amagba people still look for them and shot some to death, the painful part of all this is that the police that supposed to arrest them and brought them to book, are still on the side of Amagba people, that show that there is no hope of safety for Oke oroma people in Edo state and Nigeria, in the hands of this Amagba people, even because some apartment some of Oke oroma person call Destiny were staying in borno state where he ran to hide his head during that crisis, were been set on fire in 2015 by this people of Amagba, that is to show that this Amagba people are heartless.

  2. Oh God why all this again, since 2012 killing over killing, by amagba people, oke oroma is the owner of the land, All the people of oke oroma and some family you people chase away since 2012 after the judgement by the Oba, their God will ask you people of Amagba

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