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President Robert Mugabe Reportedly Refuses To Step Down Despite Calls For His Resignation

Zimbabwe’s long-time President Robert Mugabe is reportedly refusing to step down immediately, despite growing calls for his resignation.

The 93-year-old was put under house arrest during a military takeover on Wednesday, amid a power struggle over who would succeed him.


The military said it was “engaging” with Mr Mugabe today. It also said it had been arresting “criminals” around the president, but gave no names.

Several senior officials are said to have been detained since Wednesday, The military said others are still at large.

In a televised statement, the military said it would advise the nation on the outcome of talks with Mr. Mugabe as soon as possible, Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai said it was in the interests of the people that Mr. Mugabe resigns immediately.

The army moved in after Mr Mugabe last week sacked Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, signalling that he favoured his wife Grace Mugabe to take over his Zanu-PF party and thus the presidency.

Reports have it that, if President Mugabe can be persuaded to step down officially it could help legitimise the military’s dramatic intervention.

On the streets of Zimbabwe, it is hard to find anyone who wants Mr. Mugabe to stay on, Some observers suggest that Mr. Mugabe may be trying to seek guarantees of safety for himself and his family before stepping aside.

Zanu-PF officials had earlier suggested Mr. Mugabe could remain nominally in power until the party congress in December, when Mr. Mnangagwa would be formally installed as party and national leader.



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