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Residents and motorists plying Ibillo-Imoga Road in Akoko Edo re-echo appeal for road rehabilitation

Residents and Motorists plying Ibillo-Imoga Road that links Kabba and Okene axis of Kogi State have re-echoed their appeal to both Edo State and the Federal Government to rehabilitate the road to boost economic activities in the area.

Edo North Bureau Chief, MacDonald Irunokha reports that the road is in a dilapidated state.

The report is presented by Kingsley Uchegbu.

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  1. Folake Ademiluyi

    It is a pity that politicians only know the villagers when they need their votes. Governor Oshiomhole can never know the depth of the disappointment of the Imoga people, when in trust, they have waited patiently for him to keep the promise he has made several times to tar the road from Ibillo to Imoga. Hmmmm There is God oooo!!!!!!- Folake Ademiluyi

  2. LEO OJO SANNI Afeki

    Imoga has become a pariah town ,the towns arround the state capital enjoy the dividend of democracy while the Imogas are trying to get to the village.the Imoga road was constructed in 1965/66 and in 1973 caterpillar was brought to expand the road due to economic activities taken place of the caterpillar was abandon at the bank of OPODU river since then . But with the advent of democracy, we hive a sign of relieve that politicians will improve the social amenities of the people rather we suffer neglect at the expense of our large number of voters. We are pleading with the Governor to please tare the road to Imoga Agugwa(I BEG)

  3. His Excellency, The Imoga’s are gradually cutting of from the rest of the state as a result our pretty ugly road. You promised to help us and that is the main reason we voted for you massively! Sir, the situation of our road is going out of hand! Urgency is required! Thanks

  4. Our Able Governor, come to our rescue! Imoga is gradually cutting off from the rest community as a result of our ugly road. Please Sir

    • Pls comerede governor come and help people of Ikiran-ile, in akoko-edo LGA, u promised during ur first campaign that our road will be constructed wen u come into power but up till now we have not seen anything. Pls help us fulfill our dream

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