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Respondents set agenda for EDHA ahead public hearing on grazing bill

As Edo State House of Assembly prepares to hold a public hearing on a bill for a law to establish Edo State Control of Nomadic Grazing/ Rearing and other matter connected there with, some members of the public have started setting agenda for the state legislature.

Best Mbiere reports that respondents expressed divergent opinions.

This is virtually the complaint in most communities across Edo state in recent times as farmers lament the destruction of their farm allegedly herdsmen.

In most cases, men and women have taken to the streets to protest against the activities of herdsmen’s.

It is against this backdrop that the Edo State House of Assembly fixed 5th and 6th July 2017 to entertain public views on whether or not the grazing bill that has scaled through second reading should be passed into law.

Some members of the public while setting agenda for the House of Assembly ahead of the public hearing said the members of the house should adopt a holistic approach.

They expressed fears that the bill portends great danger for the future of Edo people, whose communal and ancestral land would be transferred for grazing, and urged the House of Assembly to drop the bill.

Some respondents see nothing wrong with the bill.

In November 2016, a similar bill which was before the National Assembly for the establishment of grazing areas management agency, was rejected.



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