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US increases Tourism Visa cost to 99,900 for Nigerians

The United States Embassy in Nigeria says effective from Thursday, August twenty-nine, 2019, Nigerians applying for tourism, student and business visas will now pay one hundred and ten dollars, that is forty thousand, seven hundred naira in addition to the fifty-nine thousand, two hundred naira after the visa has been issued to them bringing the total cost to ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred naira.

It, however, said applicants who are denied visas would not need to pay the extra forty thousand, seven hundred naira.

According to the US Embassy, applicants seeking the L-one Visa that is work permit, will pay an extra one hundred and twelve thousand, one hundred naira if given visas while those applying for H-four Visa that is dependency and spousal, will pay an extra sixty-six thousand, six hundred naira.

The US Embassy adopts the rate of three hundred and seventy thousand naira per dollar for Nigerians.

The embassy said in a statement that the increment was done based on reciprocity.

It lamented that Americans are paying too much to secure Nigerian visas and therefore the US government decided to retaliate.

It noted that it has been holding talks with the Nigerian government to reduce the fee but the Federal Government refused to accede to its requests.

The directive comes less than four months after the US cancelled the drop box system for Nigerian visa applicants which used to allow Nigerians who have a travel history to the US to apply for visas without going for interviews at the embassy.



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  1. Reciprocity fee are indeed very painful for the Nigerians but sad that the reduce the fees for US citizen.

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