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US President Donald Trump declares Obamacare dead

US President Donald Trump has declared Obama care dead after the Republican healthcare bill was narrowly passed by the lower chamber of Congress.

Roseline Ebhoramen reports that. the two hundred and seventeen to two hundred and thirteen votes marked his first legislative victory and go some way to keeping a key campaign promise to roll back his predecessor’s law.

The bill now heads to the Senate, where Republicans have indicated they will cast it aside and write a new law.
Protesters shouted as lawmakers left Capitol Hill after the knife-edge vote.
But there were celebrations moments later in White House lawn, where the president laid on a reception for Republicans in the House of Representatives.

But that bill has undergone several revisions to satisfy both the conservative and moderate wings of the Republican Party.
The Democrats think the effect of the bill would be the opposite, stripping insurance from the poor, giving tax breaks to the wealthy and casting doubt on health provisions for the chronically sick.

Groups representing hospitals and doctors have also expressed concerns about the Republican plan, which they say has yet to be properly assessed.
About 20 million Americans gained healthcare coverage under President. The bill, if it becomes law, would mark a major overhaul in the US health system.



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