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US Presidential Debate: Trump Won’t Commit To Accept Poll Result

Republican Donald Trump has refused to commit to accepting the election result if he loses, in the final TV debate against Hillary Clinton.

The Las Vegas debate continued the campaign’s bitter tone, with Mr. Trump calling Mrs. Clinton a nasty woman.

Sharon Ajayi reports that polls show Mr. Trump is losing in key battleground states after facing a slew of sexual assault allegations.

The final battle of wits came less than three weeks before election day on 8 November.

The candidates declined to shake hands before and after the political sparring, setting the tone for what would later become yet another debate marked by shouting and interrupting.

Mr Trump appealed to the Republican establishment by vowing to appoint Supreme Court justices with a “conservative bent” who would overturn a key ruling that made abortion legal in the US and protect gun rights.

He also stuck to his pledge to deport undocumented immigrants and secure US borders.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Clinton firmly declared she would stand up for the LGBT community, defend abortion rights, focus on restoring the middle class and equal pay for women.

In one of the more striking moments, Mr Trump twice declined to say whether he would accept the election’s outcome, breaking with the country’s long-standing tradition of a losing candidate’s concession after the votes are counted.

Mrs Clinton says Mr Putin wants Mr Trump elected because he wants a puppet as US president

Mrs Clinton said she would introduce the biggest jobs programme since World War II. Mr Trump suggested she and President Barack Obama co-ordinated the violence at his rally in Chicago earlier this year.



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